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Can you tell me why our streets are being dug up and repaved? This is occurring all around but right now on Club Center Drive. I also note that wherever there are manhole covers the street seems to be sinking down around them. Do we have some sort of water problem under our streets?

-Susan A.

Director of Public Policy Michelle Kille in Vice Mayor Angelique Ashby’s office sent us an answer:

“The Natomas Park area is part of the 2012 Street Seal Coat Project. This means that all the surface streets in the area bordered by Natomas Boulevard, Club Center Drive, North Park Drive, and the Brookmere/Maybrook are to being resurfaced. This is part of routine maintenance that will extend the life of the streets about another 10 years. The City of Sacramento’s Department of Transportation maintains a traffic/news alert site for residents to check on upcoming projects, street closures and more. It also includes a link to the city’s 2012 resurface work map and schedule.”

“I checked with our Department of Transportation on the second half of the reader question about the ‘sinking. around the manhole covers. Our crews have not noted anything on streets in Natomas Park that look as if this is happening. Without further clarification (or perhaps a photo) it’s hard to tell where or what the reader is referencing. Perhaps he or she is referencing the small circumference around the manhole which can look like as if the manhole is below the rest of the street. Each resurfacing job on a road adds about a quarter of an inch to the road surface, so after several resurfacing projects on a road there can be 1/4” or more (depending how many times it has been resurfaced) between the top of the manhole cover and the top of the street. The roads in Natomas are very new and this is the first resurfacing job in Natomas Park so they definitely shouldn’t have this issue. If the reader has a photo or specific area they are referencing that they’d like checked out, they can contact our office directly and we can look into it.”

Ashby’s office can be reached by calling (916) 808-7001.

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