Opinion: It’s Time To Get Involved


Experienced Déjà vu today and last evening.

I attended a teacher community forum* in which the language is now to enlist parents’ involvement. So different from 2009 when Leroy F. Greene Middle School was on chopping block.

Educators have suffered major cuts to salaries and programs. Yet, except for a few, we the parents have sat by quietly and let the administration and teachers hash it out.

Rather than utilize parent trigger law or educate ourselves on education policy, we slept at the wheel.

Last night, teachers admitted not being able to do their jobs because of lack of resources. Who suffers? Your kids and my kids.

We are all to blame.

If you don’t start coming to those boring meetings so you can make educated choices for board members, shame on you.

Don’t rely on the teacher recommendations either. Attend voter forums and ask the hard questions. 

Our kids deserve better.

Monica Jones is a Natomas resident and advocate for area youth. She is founder of Lights of Tomorrow, which strives to empower young women to pursue their education, and the Miss Natomas Pageant. Jones received the N Factor award for Outstanding Service To Youth in April 2012.

*The Natomas Teachers’ Association hosted town hall meetings on July 17-18 in south and north Natomas.

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