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“Does the watering ordinance* apply to city property such as parks?” 

Director of Public Policy Michelle Kille inVice Mayor Angelique Ashby’s office answers:
“Our Parks & Recreation Maintenance Supervisor on this question and she said that water restrictions do apply for parks that have a City water source. The only case in which the city’s watering ordinance would not apply to a park would be if it had its own well water source. There are no parks in District One with a well source.”
“All of the parks use City water and therefore are subject to the City’s ordinance. If a resident sees sprinklers on during prohibited times, they can call it into 311 to report it but many times the sprinklers are running for a short period so that City staff can perform routine maintenance and testing on the system.”

*Customers should water their yard before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m.

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