NP3’s Ally Week Battled Bullying

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

The Natomas Pacific Pathways anti-bullying club held the school’s 2nd annual Ally Week earlier this month. 

Activities held April 2-6:

  • Monday Ally Club kicked off the week presenting their “Love Is Louder” video and explaining the week’s activities.
  • Tuesday students participated in “Chalk It Up” where positive messages were chalked onto the main quad.
  • Wednesday students wore purple symbolizing those wearing it were allies.
  • Thursday was a day of nationally recognized day silence in memory of those voices silenced because of bullying and suicides because of bullying. Yellow cards were handed out to those wishing to participate and teachers knew not to call on participating students. A few teachers on campus were silent, creating their curriculum for the day to be reflective for students.
  • Friday the school celebrated its diversity with students and staff wearing traditional cultural dress and several student performances during an extended lunch period.

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