Eye On Natomas: Charter School Talents

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

Ricardo Anzaldo, 18, senior
Playing the song Island Breeze a song he says has a Latin groove to it along with light sounds contributed by other instruments and more intricate sound intervals coming from the drums.

Jordan Chilcott, 16, junior
Playing the trumpet, states that he too is playing the song Island breeze but his contribution to it is playing really fast and high notes on the trumpet.

Anthony Valenzuela, 17, junior
Aspires to become a tattoo artist one day and using his cartoonist style of artwork he draws people with an assortment of tattoos using ink and pencil.

Clara Lee, 17, senior
Painting on canvas, painting an artistic interpretation of a poem by Byron, “She walks in beauty, like the night.” The skull is a statement about beauty resonating from within rather than outer appearances.

Ralph Relador,16, junior
Female dancers court him in Omar’s Dance and he must choose.

Alison Nealon, 16, senior
After taking a dance class such as this one she has become more comfortable with her body.

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