Yellow Boxes Support Twin Rivers Schools

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

Yellow boxes have been popping up at Twin Rivers Unified school sites over the past month.

These new boxes are part of a recycling program, called the Gaia movement, which turns unwanted clothing, shoes and toys into resources the schools need.

“We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Gaia,” said Twin Rivers Board President Roger Westrup.

The Gaia-Movement was started with a mission to educate about the environment while recycling clothes to fund environmental projects. In 2005, Gaia began its activities in Sacramento and earlier this year they started putting boxes up at Twin River district school campuses.

Twin Rivers schools and education earn funds from the Gaia boxes based on the weight of the items collected. 

Income generated from the boxes at each high school go directly to that school’s Associated Student Body fund. Income from boxes at elementary and junior high campuses will go to Project DREAM, the district’s education foundation. 

In the first six weeks, the boxes have generated approximately $2,500 in revenue.

As part of its partnership with the Twin Rivers district, Gaia will donate lessons and workshops on environmental issues.

Items collected in the yellow boxes are sorted in the Gaia warehouse and sold or donated back to the community.

“In the current economic climate we have to be creative about getting our students the resources they need to be successful,” Westrup said. “Gaia gives us the opportunity to have our community help our schools in a completely new way.”

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