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“Why is it taking them so long to start building the shade structure at Autumn Meadow Park? We’ve had our park gated off for a month now!” -Nick Haight via e-mail
Sarah Novo, Director of Constituent Affairs for Vice Mayor Angelique Ashby, District One, replies:
“Both Autumn Meadow and North Natomas Community Park shade canopies are behind schedule. The contractor has until the end of this month to complete both projects, after which time he will be facing liquidated damages per work day per the contract.”
“Both city and contractor are aware of the timeline and related damages should this project not be completed on schedule. With the forecast rain, the contractor has expressed concern with accessibility to the structure locations as well as concern of damaging existing hardscape.”
“This is an ongoing conversation between the Parks Planning Department and the contractor, and of course the city would like to see the project completed on schedule and without additional damage. Due to the weather, there may be some delay in this project’s completion, but we are hopeful that it will be done on time.”

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