Buzz-Worthy Kids: Meet Brian

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If you were at the Natomas Unified School District Board meeting on Sept. 14, you would have spotted a new face on the dais.
That was Natomas High School senior Brian Levingston ‘s first day on the job as the newest student school board member.
“I am deeply honored to be installed as the student board member for the Natomas Unified School District,” said Levingston, who got right to work, speaking his mind on several issues even garnering applause from members of the audience.
Levingston’s volunteer position is a unique chance to represent those who are on the receiving end of most school board decisions. The student leader is eager to ensure students are better informed of district business and not forgotten by the school district office when important decisions are made.
“I hope to make the students’ voices heard and to get the information directly from the superintendent,” he said.
Levingston has plans to pursue a career as a military chaplain after graduation in spring. He was an active member of the ROTC program at Natomas High until the program was eliminated over the summer due to budget cuts and made a conscience decision not to transfer to another school district that still offers the military preparatory program.
Participating in ROTC, Levingston said, taught him how to “become a leader among my peers, through discipline and structure of the program.” He said that cuts to programs like ROTC hurt the students, schools and district.
While Levingston’s family was not able to attend the swearing-in ceremony at the school board meeting earlier this month, he said, “Without them, I would not be who I am. They are the best parents in the world.”
A Natomas native, Levingston said he feels a strong connection to the community.
“My favorite part of living in Natomas is the generosity of the community and the drive to make it through any obstacle,” he said.
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