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“The 25mph signs on Del Paso are all gone but it looks like there is still construction. Is it really back to top speed or did someone steal the signs?” -Tracy Chatters via Facebook

Linda Tucker, spokesperson for the city’s Department of Transportation answers: 

“There is some minor paving and signal work left, but most of the work within the right of way has ceased.”

-Activation of the new traffic signal is at least three weeks from today.
-Final paving on Del Paso Road is Friday night, but ramps still have some work to be done following that.
-Work expected to be wrapped up by the end of August.
“The signage and enforcement was up to protect the workers, and since that danger has largely passed we have had the construction signs removed and speed limit restored. Drivers can drive the posted speed.”
“There will be short instances during paving in which speed reduction will occur again, but that paving will likely be done at night.”

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