Town Hall To Tackle Arena Move

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The unveiling of the new “Think BIG” Natomas subcommittee last week begs the question: What should replace Power Balance Pavilion?

6 p.m. on August 11
Natomas Charter School
Small Theater
4600 Blackrock Drive

The 14-person subcommittee headed by Councilwoman Angelique Ashby and Assemblyman Dr. Richard Pan will hold a town hall August 11 to hear from those who live and work in Natomas on this topic. At a press conference last week, Ashby said the the group likely would focus on the top three reuses proposed by an ICON/Taylor group report – a hospital, college or technology campus.

“I am hoping folks will come out and share their thoughts, concerns and ideas for the future of our region as it relates to a new arena, no matter if, when or where it may be built,” Ashby told THE NATOMAS BUZZ. “It’s important that our community stay engaged in the conversation and do all we can to be sure our neighborhoods benefit from the decisions being made about development and/or potential reuse of Natomas land and the downtown railyards.” 

The new subcommittee is charged with creating a plan for what would replace Power Balance Pavilion should a new arena be built downtown.

In gearing up for the town hall, THE NATOMAS BUZZ asked our readers to weigh in on these three options along with a few discussed over the years. At press time, 71 people had participated with the majority – 41 votes – in favor of a hospital campus. A new college campus came in second, followed by a year-round amusement park and, finally, a technology campus.

“Whatever produces the most and best paying jobs. Think of what Intel did for Folsom and Hewlett Packard did for Roseville, folks,” posted Keith Sharward, who voted for a new hospital. “A technology campus would be my second favorite, but only if tech employers could be driven to the site by way of tax breaks or other incentives to compel them to set up shop here.”

But our readers did not stop there, with several posting their own suggestions on Facebook – everything from a multi-purpose race track to a mega church. Here’s what some wrote:

“I say turn it into a sports arena for youth, multiple basketball courts for AAU and NCAA showcases, indoor soccer field, volleyball courts, etc. Parents spend big money every year going to big tournaments, hotels, food, local shopping, lets bring that money to Natomas!” –Kendall House

“If I have no other option? How about a large church like Houston did with the Rockets old arena. Natomas has like 30 small churches all similar Christian churches but a mega church would be great. Don’t laugh it brings the value of the area up!” –Rachel Haine

“I think we need an entertainment center much like Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco that has a bowling alley, skating rink, mini golf, live music and some new shops. One of the reasons people in Rocklin/Roseville never leave that area is because they don’t have to-it would be nice if we didn’t need to take our taxes elsewhere for some entertainment other than a movie theater.” –Allison Spiva Hunt 

“Our own Shopping Pavillion. Bring more economic prosperity to our neighborhood.” Deirdre Bourke 

The formerly called Arco Arena could remain standing as a roller skating, ice skating rink, swimming pool or other form of recreation to give teenagers a place for activities after school and during the summer. If the building is demolished, the site could be a new area park complete with amusement rides with facilities for local gatherings.”-Debra Tru

More than one reader said they felt a new entertainment and sports complex should be built on the existing site. Click here to add your voice to the community conversation (and plan to attend the town hall).


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