Natomas Chupacabra Not

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The mysterious canine photographed recently in Natomas is not the one creature puzzling us humans.

Well, we have had some hearty debate on what type of animal that might be and cannot seem to agree!   We can certainly dispatch an Animal Control Officer to check the area.  If spotted, there are options for trapping or if necessary, tranquilizing it.  Let me know if it is creating some type of nuisance or is aggressive in any way.
Once I hear back from you, we can determine next steps.
Gina E. Knepp
Animal Care Services Manager
Public Information Officer

    • Heather Masten Its a coyote. I saw it up close on East Commerce Parkway. It looks like its in pretty rough shape.
    • Susan Miller Wells I saw him maybe a month ago on a bike ride. I, at first, thought it was a deer, then a coyote, but one of my biking mates said it was a dog. It looked near death then. I called the City, Animal Contol, and they said someone would be out, but it might take a day or two. Can Angelique Ashby“s office help?

      August 11 at 11:48am ·
    • Angela Wahl That’s not a coyote.. Its a dog that looks starved and near death..

      August 11 at 12:18pm ·
    • Denise Thomas Doughty There are abandoned animals in the Regional Park all the time – it is so sad!

      August 11 at 1:44pm ·
    • Kristie Ehrhardt This is someone’s dog that was left to die, it’s not a coyote. Some a$$hole turned it loose, expecting someone else to take care of it. Obviously that hasn’t happened. Has anyone seen it recently? Clearly it’s not in good shape and needs assistance ASAP.

      August 12 at 1:12am ·
    • Angela Wahl ‎@Kristie I also would like to know if anyone has recently seen the dog, I went out after work yesterday and walked and walked and did not see it.

      August 12 at 10:16am ·
    • Kristie Ehrhardt I’m going to look for it today. I can’t stand to let it starve to death. If anyone locates it please post so we can try to help it.

      August 12 at 1:32pm · · 1 person

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