Seen In Natomas: Here WeBuild

Here WeBuild organizers reached out to graffiti artist Anthony Padilla and asked him to give the “Authors of Our Own Destiny” sculpture in North Natomas a new look for their Paint The Town Purple campaign.
Padilla was seen repainting the sculpture yesterday. The piece referred to locals as the “Big Book” is located in front of the North Natomas Library across Del Paso Boulevard from Power Balance Pavilion.
Readers of THE NATOMAS BUZZ may recall Padilla was the first artist to paint on the sculpture.


  1. It is just awesome that our public art is being used for someone’s advertising campaign. The artist must be proud.

  2. Anonymous says

    Finally some art work instead of that gang graffity crap. More art less gang work.

  3. Anonymous says

    purple. my favorite color. GO KINGS!

  4. So, Marc – it states in the article that padilla was the original artist, so I doubt he’d have a problem with it…RIF…

  5. Anonymous says

    To bad they won’t build it in Natomas.

  6. Anonymous says

    Marc, you’re an ass. Try to see the forest beyond the trees.

  7. Marc,

    Grab a spray can and head down there if you don’t like it.

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