Two Natomas Churches Team Up

Members of The Gathering Church pulled together to help Natomas Crossroads church meet the clothing needs of the community by donating over 50 bags of clothes for the needy as well as new clothing racks and storage bins.

Natomas Crossroads Medical Clinic is managed by members of Natomas Crossroads Church and was thrilled about partnering with The Gathering. The clinic has seen a substantial increase in visitors since the start of the recession and relies on public clothing donations for its clothes closet program. This is the first time another church has partnered to help since its 2007 launch.

Ron Vanderwell, lead pastor of The Gathering Church, believes partnering with other congregations is a true illustration of “what church should look and feel like.” Vanderwell hopes more churches will explore ways to work together to meet the growing needs of Natomas.

Natomas Crossroads Medical Clinic is open and free to the public on the first Saturday of each month. To find out how to get involved with Natomas Crossroads Medical Clinic, visit


  1. Great story – so nice to see people working together for a change!

  2. We are all God’s children regardless of church affiliation. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with the Crossroads Church to help people right here in our community.

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