Where In Natomas?

NATOMAS BUZZ reader DAVID wins a prize for being the first to post the correct location of this photo. This is a photo of the pirate ship at the Fort Natomas on the corner of Truxel Road and Bannon Creek.


  1. Fort Natomas next to So. Sacramento Library?

  2. Fort Natomas on truxel

  3. The park at S. Natomas community center?

  4. Fort Natomas

  5. It’s at Ft Natomas. It’s part of the ship.

  6. Fort Natomas?

  7. Sign on Fort Natomas

  8. Fort Natomas on truxel??

  9. The ship at Fort Natomas

  10. Natomas Parent (and everyone else) is correct this photo was taken at Fort Natomas.

    David, however, noted the specific site in the park first! How do we get your prize to you?

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