Seen In Natomas: Marijuana Clinic

A sign spinner for 420 Approved, located on Northgate, takes a “smoke” break? The spinner for Natomas’ new medical marijuana clinic has been spotted this week on the corner of Northgate and Garden Highway.


  1. As someone who voted in favor of the Compassionate Use Act back in 1996 and generally favors lifting the FEDERAL ban on marijuana as a Class I(C) narcotic (which puts marijuana in the same category of drugs as heroin), I am deeply offended at the farce of the medicinal marijuana movement in this state, and this latest case is a textbook example of why the vast majority of these pot stores and their customers are not to be taken seriously.

    Get a load of the “ailments” advertised on the window — an eclectic mix of very real and debilitating medical diseases, such as cancer, sharing equal billing with others that are impossible to prove from a clinical standpoint (ADHD / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), mental illnesses (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder), and alcoholism — an addiction to a mind-altering substance, something that doesn’t even have medical community consensus as fitting the criteria of an actual “disease.” Then there’s obesity! Are you serious?? How in the world would marijuana MUNCHIES cure me of my FATNESS?

    Those window messages are nothing more than not-so-subtle suggestions of things customers can PRETEND to have as they engage the “doctor” in the white coat behind the counter as he checks a box on the form to justify a “recommendation” (NOT a “prescription” as is so often stated in error) for marijuana.

    This new store is the LAST thing Natomas needs. It is just the latest in a long string of self-serving establishments in murky legal waters (borderline legal by state law, and clearly illegal by federal law, not to mention probably illegal by city ordinance based on its proximity to residential parcels) with two goals: to make large amounts of money and to further advance the gamepiece towards mainstreaming of pot.

    I’m 100% in favor of cancer patients not being hassled if they find comfort and relief from the debilitating side-effects of chemotherapy by smoking weed, and I’m betting that you are too. But let’s not allow ourselves to be SUCKERED any more by these medicinal pot charlatans. Legitimate cancer patients and their loved ones should be OUTRAGED that marijuana enthusiasts are hitching a free ride and a free buzz on their suffering.

  2. As a former cancer patient who endured a lot of nausea without pot I think the “clinics” are hysterical comments on our ridiculous War on (some) Drugs. I salute them and ask that they keep up the good work highlighting our hypocrisy.

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