Natomas Cares: Groups Come To Homeless Teens’ Aid

Nearly 200 people attended a Halloween costume party over the weekend to raise money for homeless teens in Natomas.
The Umma supper club hosted the event raising more than $2,000 to help support Natomas youth in need.
The Umma supper club is a small group of people who meet every other month to eat and share life.

“As the founders began to form the supper club, we quickly realized that Umma’s true impact could be found when those sharing life together reached out to the community around them,” president Lexi Garcia said. “After considering a number of needs, we decided to give the greatest amount of Umma’s attention to homeless teens in Natomas, a surprisingly large, but hidden community of need. “
In August, Natomas Rotary members collected backpacks and school supplies for the area’s homeless teens.

“Twenty students got backpacks full of supplies thanks to Natomas Rotary,” said Amreek Singh, Homeless/ Foster Youth Liaison for the Natomas Unified School District.

To find out how you or your group can help, contact Singh at (916) 567-5881.


  1. What’s the district’s definition of “homeless”? I believe it may differ from that of most people.

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