Truxel Eyesore Topic Of New Natomas Buzz Survey

Does anyone what is going to happen to those particle board buildings on the corner of Truxel and, I think, Gateway Park? They look horrible!” writes Amy Oldham on the NATOMAS BUZZ’s Facebook.

If you live, work or shop in Natomas no doubt you have noticed the neighborhood eyesore located on the southeast corn of Truxel Road and Gateway Park Boulevard where construction of a Sonic drive-in and TGI Fridays restaurant was once started, but never finished.
Building stalled and then, in December 2008, developer Kobra Enterprises filed for bankruptcy halting the project indefinitely. Two years after the structures were partially built, what remains behind the chain link fences are weathered and worn remains.
The City of Sacramento has an active enforcement action against the property, but now that it is under control of a bank THE BUZZ has been told the situation is more difficult to resolve. As of May, a lien had not yet been placed on the property, but was an option being considered.
After looking at this eyesore for more than two years, THE BUZZ thinks it’s time the city take a more aggressive approach to cleaning up this highly visible corner (see reader Jenae Medford’s suggestion below) and we have created a new survey to get our readers’ feedback on this community topic. Click here to take our survey!
The business who partially constructed the structures at the corner of Truxel and is it East Commerce Way … should be fined. They at least should donate it to local fire station for a training burn. It is an eyesore, and so disrespectful to our community,” writes 21-year Natomas resident Jenae Medford on Facebook.


  1. I would hardly call it an eyesore. I don’t understand what the big deal is. It’s just a stalled construction project that will eventually be completed. It’s not like the buildings are being used for nefarious activities. They’re not even tagged up or anything. I think the cities limited resources would be better spent on more important things.

  2. What is your definition of an eyesore then? You must be in the minority on this subject as everyone I know thinks that these buildings look horrible. As you state, you obviously don’t understand the big deal and if you can’t figure it out on your own either from reading other entries or from being in tune with the community, it isn’t worth anyone’s time explaining it to you.

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