What You Think About That Art In North Natomas

When we heard an 8-year-old lamenting the demise of the newish book sculpture located in front of the North Natomas Library, THE BUZZ knew a post about the art installation was long overdue.
Already we had fielded questions via e-mail and on our Facebook page about the appearance of graffiti. When we wrote the spray-painted “inspire” was not only OK but what the sculptor had in mind when he created the piece, some readers expressed strong opinions on the topic.

In an effort to gauge just how THE NATOMAS BUZZ readers feel about the sculpture, we posted a poll and it appears most folks either like it – or can live with it. Here are the results:

What do you think about the sculpture in front of the North Natomas Library – on which the public is allowed to paint at will?

It’s artsy and I like it!
  71 (42%)
It’s not my taste, but I can live with it.
  32 (19%)
It glorifies graffiti and I don’t like it!
  61 (36%)
No opinion.
  3 (1%)

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