Note To Red Light Runners: You Suck!

The cars in this photograph ran the red light turning left from Del Paso Road north onto Natomas Boulevard today at about 6 p.m.

After the light turned green for traffic headed west on Del Paso Road, six vehicles entered the Del Paso Road-Natomas Boulevard intersection to make the left-hand turn. That’s an average of two cars per each of the three left-hand turn lanes which drove through the red light.
That’s TOO many in our opinion!
THE BUZZ thinks it’s time Sac city officials add red light cameras to this intersection and crack down on Natomas’ irresponsible drivers. It would also be a great way to earn some extra money for the city’s troubled budget – don’t cha think?


  1. Anonymous says

    Agreed!! And what about Del Paso Road between Charter and Raleys???? It is a SPEED WAY and Sac PD won’t do anything about it. Cars screaming by 90 MPH drag racing at 3am on Saturday nights. Where are the cops?

    Good article!

  2. Anonymous says

    DEl Paso turning North onto East Commerce is another bad intersection for red light runners. I’ve noticed that the lights in the intersection of Del Paso and Natomas Blvd have the turn signal turn green for about 10-15 seconds periodically. By the time you see it is green, even one car is caught in a red light. It usually comes unexpectedly…as in not in the normal timing of the lights…

  3. Anonymous says

    My Boyfriend and I have noticed lately it seems that there are people running red lights ALL over Natomas! We were lucky at one light (Del Paso by Gold’s Gym) we were the second in line and our light had turned green to move forward, the person in front inched out and was HIT HARD from the side by a red light runner! The car was spun around and over all lanes of traffic – we got out to help and luckily both people in the car were OK – but it made us realize that could have been us! The red light runners have made us so mad and so cautious now before moving on a green light! I do wish something would be done – it could be the a matter of life or death for someone!

  4. Anonymous says

    I’ve been complaining about people running red lights both here and with letters to the Sac Bee for over a year. Apparently many people do not consider this the CRIME that is it. Always, ALWAYS check for light runners before pulling forward on a green!

    I see in the daily police reports that they do ticket DOZENS of people at a session when they have the resources to work traffic. I support the Buzz in requesting more traffic camera intersections but I also advocate raising the fines until it REALLY hurts even though those caught will whine “unfair, poor us, etc”.

    I agree it’s sometimes annoying to wait my turn but geex whiz how much more annoying is hitting another car and possibily KILLING someone?

  5. Anonymous says

    I am all for red light runners being ticketed, but I do not believe that installing red light cameras is the best option, especially for generating revenues. Many studies have shown that accidents have actually increased with the installation of red light cameras because of people slamming on their brakes as soon as the light turns yellow to avoid being ticketed.

  6. Uncle Doreen says

    Bring the cameras in! If it stops one person from running a red light and causing an accident it is worth it. Personally, I wish they would put the planned traffic light on East Commerce and New Market. People leaving Safeway will do a U-turn at this corner. The road is not wide enough and people have to back up to complete the turn. Countless times this has been done when there are two lanes of traffic exceeding the speed limit barreling down on them. In addition, I have seen kids walking from Inderkum trying to cross the street in which they would clearly have the right of way, and people will turn on to New Market and nearly run them over. I guess the city is waiting for somebody to get killed before they do something. Honestly, how much do two stop signs cost. I will pay for them myself!

    Since I am ranting, is it possible to put a signal flashing pedestrain signal light on I-5 North on the Del Paso exit times for when schools are letting out? Whoever design this was an idiot. In the afternoons we have students trying to cross at the designated crosswalk as cars are exiting the freeway?!?! Most drivers, including me, are unable to see the kids around the turn (never mind the tall weeds) making breaking for them nearly impossible. I know the school year is coming to an end, but perhaps before the schools open next year we can make it a bit safer for them. Again, are they waiting for somebody to get killed?

  7. One kid WAS killed on Del Paso Road at the overpass… I believe that was more than a year ago.

  8. Anonymous says

    That poor boy was killed at the overpass crossing almost 3 years ago. Prior to that the community had been asking the City for a safe walking and driving solution to this situation and specifically at those bad intersections. And when that boy died it felt like a kick to the stomach to so many of us. And when we pleaded again for a solution, no one from the City expedited the matter. 3 years from when the boy was killed! And do you remember how we got a traffic light in the Arena/Northgate area? A woman and her baby died in a terrible traffic accident. Then the light went up. How many more need to die before safe walking and driving are made a priority in this City?

  9. Uncle Doreen says

    And they still haven’t done anything? Perhaps the city has minimum body count before they do anything.

  10. Anonymous says

    I recently counted 6 cars running the red light while making a left turn from Del Paso onto Natomas Bvld. After the 4th car, I was truly frustrated and flashed my bright lights at the cars one of which had the nerve to honk at me like I was at fault. I’m all for red light cameras at this intersection.

  11. Uncle Doreen says

    Two Pedistrian Crossing Road Signs – $200
    Posts and Mounting Kit – $50

    Saving just one life – Priceless…

  12. Anonymous says

    I don’t think I’ve ever been at that intersection and not seen 3 or 4 people run the light red. That is a place where a red light camera could be useful. It’s people who just can’t wait their turn, not people approaching the light, who are running it.

    Of course, my other pet peeve is parents around schools in the morning. I have never seen more speeding/reckless driving. Excuse me for going 25 in a school zone with kids – I’ve about got creamed more times than I can count.

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