Seen In Natomas: Corner Truxel & W. El Camino


With permission of the boy’s father.


  1. Anonymous says

    Omg that’s awesome! Bet he’ll never do that again!

  2. Anonymous says

    Now that is some parenting!!

  3. Thumbs up to the boy’s dad for making him take responsibility for his actions!

  4. Way to go DAD!! My kind of DAD! Nice!!!

  5. Good for the father! Too bad more parents in the district don’t make their kids accountable.

  6. I give the kid credit too for obeying his Dad and apologizing this way. I’ve known kids who would run away before they’d stand out on a street corner with a sign. BAS

  7. Anonymous says

    Good job mom… great idea! And to have his dad stand there for support – Awesome!

  8. Anonymous says

    Teachers at American Lakes take enough abuse. THANK YOU to the parents of this student for holding him accountable! He WILL thank you later on!

  9. Anonymous says

    Back in the Colonial Days they put people in public stockades for various infractions. I would think at the time, because of such treatment crime was low and respect for others was high. — I’M ALL FOR IT!! GO FOR IT!! NO HARM DONE, And he’ll probably never do it again!!! Jon

  10. Anonymous says

    My husband did something like this to our nephew once. Worked like a charm. He has NEVER repeated the behavior with us since.

    But be prepared to have a very strained relationship with the kid you do it to. it was months before my nephew stopped being angry with my husband.

  11. It’s not a “discipline with dignity” approach, is it? What about a face-to-face apology with student, teacher and parent(s)… or to the class?

  12. Seven months ago, when this photo was taken, TV news interviewed the family. The student did apologize (in addition to holding the sign on the corner).

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