Updated: Natomas School Board Switches Gears

The Natomas school board has agreed by consensus to delay a decision whether to close an elementary school in favor of a considering a new option.

Dr. General Davie and other school district officials presented the plan during a public workshop tonight for Natomas Unified School District board members.
As presented, the plan would not close any elementary schools and instead expand all elementary school sites to K-6 programs, close the under-performing Leroy F. Greene Middle School campus moving its 7th and 8th graders to Natomas Middle School, and make needed building repairs to the closed campus while deciding how best to use the site going forward.
Davie said his recommendation was driven by academics, adding it would afford some savings if implemented but not the same as an elementary school closure. In an effort to balance the district’s budget, the board last year approved closing two elementary schools over a two-year period; it has an estimated $6 million more to cut.

School board members agreed to postpone any school closure decision until March 24. The delay will allow the school district time get input from the Leroy F. Greene community and fine tune how Davie’s proposal would be put in place.
It remained unclear after tonight’s meeting whether closing an elementary school would no longer be necessary with as much monies yet to be cut. Board member Kaplan, who earlier in the week championed a plan that would cut jobs in favor of keeping all schools open, missed the meeting due to a work commitment.


  1. Buzz,

    Great synopsis. I too was at the meeting and Lisa Kaplan’s obvious absence was a definite disappoint given the gravity of the decision being discussed.

  2. No school should close. The ed center can close. The land deal can be sold… close that deal down. Stop punishing the kids.

  3. Lisa’s absence was due to a work committment – it’s important to remember that NUSD trustees have “real” jobs in addition to their volunteer efforts for NUSD. Lisa was also THE MOST outspoken OPPONENT to closing an elementary school. She engaged many members of the community through various forums prior to this workshop.

  4. Anonymous says

    So where is she when there is another school closure issue? Do some schools get preference over others? Isn’t that why we had a school closure committee? So what happened to following a thoughtful and well-publicized process? So much for change in Natomas.

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