Target Plans Expanded Format In Natomas

Target Corp. officials have confirmed with THE BUZZ plans to remodel their Natomas store.
The planned expansion, expected to get underway in a matter of weeks, will take place within the store’s four walls. The store’s square footage will remain unchanged.
The expanded food format will include fresh produce and prepackaged meat in an open market style. Company spokesman Kyle Thompson said expansion plans are in response to customer demand and the Natomas store will be one of 340 nationwide slated for some form of remodel.

Customers should soon see signage at the Natomas store announcing the plans and store officials expect there will be no disruption in business during the construction. Work is expected to be complete by June 2010.


  1. I wondered what was up with the giant produce signs and thought it was weird. Thanks for the info Buzz!

  2. thats good news. now if they would just add a garden center I wouldnt have to go anywhere else!

  3. garden center yes – groceries no… let’s leave that to Raleys, Bel Air and Safeway.


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