Parents Fight Plans To Close Natomas School

The Natomas Unified School District board of trustees heard from several parents at their meeting last night protesting plans to close an elementary school next year.
In some cases, testimony focused on specific schools put on a “short list” for possible closure. They are: Bannon Creek, Natomas Park and Jefferson elementary schools.
The board meeting was the latest in a series of steps put in motion last fall when the Natomas school district was faced with cutting millions of dollars in order to balance its budget three years out as required by state education code. The board at the time approved closing one, maybe two, elementary schools over that period for an estimated savings of $400,000 per school, per year.
Comments from the crowd ranged from pleas not to close any schools to threats that school closures will translate into parents enrolling their children in charter schools, private schools or moving out of the district altogether. The comments followed the board’s school closure committee report on their findings and recommendations.
The board will meet next on Feb. 24 for a workshop on the school closure plans and community meetings have been set for the three schools on the list.


  1. It is really to bad what a horrible situation NUSD is in right now. I know several people leaving Natomas b/c of that state of NUSD (Including myself). They are moving to better school districts, or even choosing to home school. Even though we all LOVE living in Natomas, we are not going to stress about the education of our childrean year after year!!

  2. Buzz,

    Thank you for your reporting on this and for your consistent, extensive, and accurate dissemination of the issues in our community.

    To those potentially affected parents at NPE, I strongly encourage you, if you haven’t already, to organize, develop a coordinated response to the committee’s proposal, and hold your own event prior to the workshop next week. Good ol Fashioned political activism will help keep your school open. I am more then happy to help in your efforts if you haven’t started already so e-mail me at [email protected].

  3. Unfortunately it’s not just Natomas Unified. Take a close listen and look at what other school districts (including those in Roseville, Rocklin, Elk Grove and Folsom) are planning to do; they’re increasing class sizes, closing schools, etc. This is a drop in education funding that hits all public schools.

  4. So what would be the home school for all the kids going to Natomas Park? Heron? H.Allen Height? Got to be honest…not too excited about either one.

  5. Consider this, NMS, which is located at H. Allen Height Learning Center, is the home school for all NPE students. Not too much of a stretch to have the elementary students go there too.

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