NATOMAS TOP SPOT: Best Customer Service

We recently conducted an online survey of our readers asking where we could find the “Best Of…” in the neighborhood. Here is the fourth installment in a series of posts sharing the results of our 2009 “top spot” awards!

PHOTOS BY PhreePhotographer.COM

When it comes to outstanding customer service, Natomas residents sing the praises of numerous businesses throughout the neighborhood but it was votes for all three Raley’s and Bel Air store locations that had the grocery chain come out on top.

Honorable mentions include Bella Bru, Chili’s Grill & Bar and Mr. Pickles restaurants and the California Family Fitness gym. Wrote Angie B., “Everyone at California Family Fitness! Especially everyone in the daycare. They are awesome.” 


  1. I can tell you who does not have good customer service…Target…they were completely unreasonable…and I even had my receipt!

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