Businesses Want To Keep Arena In Natomas

Several parties have submitted proposals for a new sports and entertainment complex in Sacramento — including one that would keep the Kings here in Natomas.

Among those championing this option is the Natomas Chamber of Commerce board of directors which endorses building on 100 acres already owned by the city here in Natomas. Support for this proposal is needed from the Natomas business and residential community.

Click here to take the online survey to keep Arco Arena here in Natomas.


  1. I’m not quite sure why I don’t hear more talk about keeping them at the current site. Makes great sense. There is certainly plenty of land if they choose to rebuild or add on, it is very accessible for car traffic in and out, it’s near the airport, and it would also help the surrounding community. With all the money they would spend to redevelop the downtwon locations, I have to think it would cost less at the Natomas location. And if they can add on entertainment and restaurants at the downtown locs, why not in Natomas?

  2. It is the only plan on the table that will not harm a number of businesses in Natomas that benefit from the existing arena and may very well have chosen to locate their businesses here in part due to the proximity to Arco Arena.

    I wholeheartedly support such a plan, as long as there is no direct cost to taxpayers.

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