Regional Park Meeting TONIGHT!

The Friends of the North Natomas Regional Park and the City of Sacramento’s Department of Parks and Recreation is holding a workshop tonight on the park’s future. On the agenda: the results of a recent community survey and talk about future development in the regional park.

DATE: Tonight, November 4th
TIME: 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
LOCATION: Inderkum High School
2500 New Market Drive

THE BUZZ has been told there is money to pay for a sports center to be built within the park boundaries, but more public support is needed for this part of the plan to move forward. Check it out!


  1. Why a sports complex? There’s already sports stuff all over Natomas. Inderkum has a football field and there are already baseball diamonds in other parks. I’d MUCH rather have a farmer’s market, an amphitheater, and things we don’t already have!!

  2. Sports complexs generate income. I’m sick of the fact that I have to drive to watt or farther to get a decent softball field. All that is needed for a farmers market is a parking lot. The parking lot of a sports complex would be suffient.

  3. There are baseball fields all over Natomas. How about something we DON’T have? An small amphitheater/concert area? As for a farmer’s market, farmers pay for those tables so that does generate income. Or even a botanical garden, more trees with open space, a skate park to give the kids something to do, a conservatory, boathouse cafe (part of the existing plan), cultural center, lots of other things we could have instead of another baseball diamond.

  4. I would like to see the skatepark happen soon. So that it doesn’t become a hangout spot for non-skaters, it should be part of the sports complex, and subject to the same supervision and staffing (if any) of the sports complex.

  5. There is a skate park at the big park in Regency Park, but there’s plenty of kids for another one.

  6. At the meeting they shared that this phase (which won’t start until 2011) would include:

    -partial buildout of the sports complex (possibly 2 “multi-use fields)

    -a combination Farmer’s market and plaza

    -an outdoor performance area

    -additional paths, trees, landscaping

  7. We need a pool that the entire community can use!

  8. Thanks, Richard, for that update. Sounds like a good variety there. If that happens in two years I’ll be a happy camper.

  9. All of the information provided in the handout and the presentation made to the community is available on Council Member Tretheway’s website and the blog for the Friends of the Park.

    Thank you,
    Randi Kay Stephens
    Special Projects
    Council Member Tretheway
    [email protected]

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