Oakbrook Neighborhood Park Will Get New Plan


Plans for the planned Oakbrook Neighborhood Park will get another look following tonight’s community workshop between city officials and two dozen area residents.

Residents who attended the workshop expressed the need for a new master plan for the park. The existing plan was approved by city officials, when neighbors in the DR Horton development of Sonora Springs Homeowner’s Association had not moved in yet. Most agreed that the current approved master plan should be changed to better meet the needs of the surrounding community that will use the park.

Councilman Ray Tretheway and Department of Parks and Recreation representatives on hand at the meeting agreed there will be another go around for the master plan. Dates and times for the meeting(s) will be sent out by Department of Parks and Recreation and Tretheway.

The park will be located on Soda Way / Miramonte and San Juan Road in South Natomas.

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