In The News: Jab At Natomas

Today’s issues of the Sacramento News & Review features a review of “This Is It” the biopic flick about Michael Jackson. But when the writer references coming to Natomas to see the film, he takes an unnecessary dig at the neighborhood:

“So I got in my car and drove to Natomas. (Here’s a fun fact: In Spanish, I think the word Natomas means “I beat my wife and neglect my children but give my Hummer nightly sponge baths.”)”

While THE BUZZ can appreciate SN&R offers alternative viewpoints on everything from local politics to the arts, we can’t help but ponder the point of this piece. It doesn’t actually review the movie, but makes note of the near-empty theater, a waitress at Hooters and pretty much casts Natomas residents negatively while making light of domestic violence.


  1. Hmmm….I wouldn’t be too concerned about childish comments from a publication that only is good for amusement purposes while you wait for your carry out. … and only the ads in that publication are worth even browsing over….

  2. I’m more concerned that the troubled individual who wrote that article is allowed to be unsupervised in public. It’s no wonder he was alone at the movie.

  3. Yeah, I read this and thought: “What a sad, angry little man”.

  4. very sad attempt at humor.

  5. Oh, come on, you’re Natomas, you guys can take it. That is, until the levee breaks and you all drown to death. Kidding. Seriously, I go to Natomas all the time to quench my thirst for black market goods. XOXO

  6. I read this and thought it was hilarious. People need to stop taking everything so seriously. Like Jason said, you read SN&R while you wait for your burger. Get over yourselves.

  7. mmmm…black market goods

  8. The News and Review should not be taken as serious or credible journalism, it is a liberal rag with porno pics on the back pages, whatever is written there should never bother anyone, it is a shameful publication with a bunch a dope heads in charge.

  9. I thought it was funny too and I work and live in Natomas. It’s funny but sad also because it’s true…

  10. @Jason: I love your honesty.

    Browse the ads when you need a “massage” or only when you get kicked out of your place for beating the wife or girlfriend?

    Geez, lighten up.

  11. Here, my friends at Natomas Buzz, I made a post as a peace offering.


  12. Not nice, Josh. Calling people a “fag” is not funny. We should lighten up? That’s just another way of saying we should condone your rude epithets. Do you use the n-word for your jokes too? Grow up and think about people’s feelings instead of trying to be clever.

  13. Mr. Josh craves attention. Why help him?

  14. I don’t know what the big deal is. Who cares what some moron writes in some crappy publication? Sticks and stones…..

  15. Apparently Josh makes himself feel superior with his writing inabilities. Sad! He also doesn’t seem to realize that Natomas is NOT a city itself and is, in fact, a part of the City of Sacramento.

    I suggest writing to the editor. Of course, they theoretically edit his fiction so that may not be fruitful. Next option is to make advertisers aware of our unhappiness with the SN&R. Sutter Heath advertises on their website. If you are a member of Sutter, then write them and tell them what you think of his writing. I challenge others to identify additional advertisers to add to the campaign.

    Obviously Josh is incapable of coherent thinking and responsible writing. Lets show him what Natomas residents can accomplish. He seems to like the attention, lets give him some!

    Oh, and this has nothing to do with free speech. We aren’t the government and are simply showing displeasure with a product. He can continue writing. Hope the book works out for him, he’s going to need the money.

  16. Please write to the editor. I love when people write about me.

    And boycott away! In the eight years I’ve been writing for publications it never works. Usually because there is one person at the helm of the ship but he has no passengers. It’s lonely.

    And I don’t need the money. I’m rich (with love).


  17. SN&R = Joke

  18. I think we got under Josh Fernandez’s skin with these comments! Who knew he was a closet Natomas Buzz reader?

    He actually posted here twice! Maybe he’s trying to boost readership rates for the SN&R.

    The only time I have ever picked up an SN&R was when waiting for a pizza order to be finished.

    Black market goods? Can you tell me where I can find a kidney or a Bolex watch for sale?

  19. Yeah we got under his skin. But like a wannabe in high school he thinks the cool kids will like him if he insults gays and hispanics and anyone else, using the appearance of hipness and satire. A slur is a slur and, again, like in high school, it just makes him more of a loser and an outcast. We could pity him if only he would at least TRY to improve himself!

  20. Anonymous says

    Lighten up, Natomans. In my heart, you’ll always be my favorite floodplain!


  21. Anonymous says

    “Natomas is like one big AM PM”

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