Where In Natomas?


  1. This is part of the Walk and Roll Sign at Height.

    Go North Natomas TMA!!!!!!

  2. any one of the schools that have the walk to school signs for the NTMA.

  3. Natomas Park Elementary

  4. You are all correct!

    These colorful WALK AND ROLL signs are posted in front of our neighborhood schools as part of the North Natomas Transportation Management Association’s WALKTOBER promotion.

    From the http://www.northnatomastma.org website:

    Walktober/March On:
    Month long walk to school promotion celebrates and awards children for walking to school. This promotion might include a school wide challenge, or challenges between other area schools.

    Contact the NNTMA or your neighborhood school for more information.

  5. This picture was taken @ Heron. I saw you snap it. It was about 2P

  6. Heron Flyers Rule!!!

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