Sac International Airport Fights Flu Season

With cold and flu season right around the corner and only so many hours in a day to get everything on the “to do” list done, how can a busy traveler make time for a flu shot?

Sacramento International Airport has the answer: Flu, tetanus and pneumonia shots are now available to passengers at Sacramento International Airport for a nominal fee through cold and flu season without an appointment.

“Maintaining a clean and healthy environment for our customers has always been a consideration,” said G. Hardy Acree, Director of Airports. “Regular cleaning schedules in addition to hands free flush toilets, faucets, soap dispensers and towel dispensers have been the norm at Sacramento International Airport for years. We added hand sanitizer stations prior to flu season last year and have increased the number of the stations and adjusted the locations to ensure that they are readily accessible to our customers.”

Three locations – one each post-security in terminal a and each wing of Terminal B – will conveniently serve passengers who don’t have time to make appointments, wait in long lines or simply keep forgetting to get their annual flu shot. Flu and pneumonia shots are available without appointment for $30 and a tetanus shot is only $35.


  1. Note that these are not Swine Flu shots. These are simply seasonal flu shots, that don’t protect you from Swine Flu, that you can easily and inexpensively get just by walking into any Safeway or RiteAid.

  2. You’re never to busy to get a flu shot! You don’t have to go the airport to get one! You shop for groceries; Safeway, Rite Aid, Raley’s and others offer them! It take 2 weeks for them to take effect. If you wait 2 weeks to get one, you are at risk for 4 weeks! Stay safe! Oh, the shots are painless, and the minute it’s over with, you’re proud of yourself! *smile*

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