Where In Natomas?


  1. Poop in the new dog park?

  2. Looks like the walking path along Broadwater in Creekside. Wow, that’s a lot of dog mess!!!

  3. I wish people would clean up after their dogs. That is inexcusable.

  4. If you are going to take your dog for a walk in the NEW DOG PARK that was built for you and your canine friend, have some pride and clean up that crap! Don’t be lazy!!!

  5. I was at Natomas Community Park yesterday and saw this poop everywhere.

  6. I think this is near the Homecoming apartments near Kokomo Drive.

  7. Actually, this is what can be seen all along the trail through the North Natomas Regional Park and on the perimeter along Broadwater.

    During a recent bike ride we were disgusted and dismayed to see dog waste like this again and again. If you have a dog, be responsible and clean up after it!

  8. Is it dog poop or deer poop?

  9. Uncle Doreen says

    I wish I had a camera with me at all times. I have seen one offending male owner of a German Shephard consistantly. I have been too far away for him to hear me yell at him to clean up. In the past few weeks that the new dog park has been opened I have not seen him bring his dog in once. There is absoluetly no excuse for the mess being left. Some people have complained that the city does not provide poop bag, which is a stupid excuse. A good dog owner will always clean up after their pet. I hate that the few incnsiderate &%$(#@’s are giving the rest of us a bad name and leave way for canine diseases like Heartworm,Whipworms, Hookworms, Roundworms,Tapeworms,Parvo, Corona,Giardiasis, Salmonellosis, Cryptosporidiosis, Campylobacteriosis… and the list goes on.

  10. I agree, responsible dog owners always carry their own poop bags . . .and remember the motto:

    “A bag, a spare, and one to share”

  11. It is a month later and despite the fact that the city sent an email to CNA saying it had been cleaned up, it is still there. At least it is disentigrating.

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