Leroy F. Green Wins National PTA Award

Byron V. Garrett, CEO of National PTA this week announced Leroy F. Greene Middle School in Natomas won a Healthy Lifestyles Award — the only one awarded to a California school!

PTA groups nationwide are eligible to apply for and win up to $1,000 to support a planned event that promotes healthy habits among students and families during the month of November.

Leroy F. Greene Middle School was among the 22 winners of PTA’s third annual Healthy Lifestyles Awards, all of which will receive full funding for their proposed program. This year, National PTA received 284 applications, which represent 43 state units (including DC and Department of Defense schools).

Way to go Leroy F. Greene PTA!


  1. LFG parent Heather Reed applied for the grant. Thank you, Heather!

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