Strings Italian Cafe Is CLOSED For Business

A NATOMAS BUZZ reader just wrote in that the Strings Italian Cafe restaurant in the Park Place II shopping center has closed.

A visit to the chain’s website lists the Natomas location as “temporarily closed.”

Thanks, S.R., for the tip!


  1. I emailed them and got this response:

    “The restaurant is in the process of changing ownership. We are not sure at this time when it will re-open.”

  2. OH NO! Reasonably priced and healthy. BAS

  3. Very sad. This probably means the franchisee (independent owner) was losing money on the operation and unable to continue and that the franchiser (corporation) is in the process of attempting to negotiate contracts with the landlord and suppliers in order to reopen under ownership of the franchiser or a new franchisee.

    At least that’s what happened with ¡Una Mas! in Gateway West this year — it shut down in March and then reopened as a corporate-owned unit earlier this month.

    My condolences to the previous owners and the employees who struggled in an extremely difficult market.

    Folks, please try to make a point of supporting our local businesses, particularly the restaurants. Check out this Web site’s great Where’s The Best Grub In Natomas? feature and weigh in with your own favorites. Times are tough for everyone, but let’s try to keep our dollars in Natomas by supporting our local eateries.

  4. Park Place shopping is going down hill, everything in that corner that strings is located is or has gone out of business. Shoes n Feet is moving to Folsom Blvd and 34th so there goes another business out of natomas. Sad!

  5. “…everything in that corner that strings is located is or has gone out of business…”

    Is an inaccurate statement at best:

    Strings was in business at this location for years and may not be gone forever. While Daphne’s Greek Cafe didn’t make it in the end, Jack’s Urban Eats, Teriyaki Time, & Coldstone remain.

    Sure, Sunshine’s Hip Baby closed, but a new tenant is in its place. The AAA office is still there and a year ago added all the DMV services it provides for members (previously it was just doing insurance and travel).

    Marshall’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Lane Bryant, Children’s Place and other smaller stores have not closed.

    And, recently, where there was no previous tenant a Beauty & Wig store and Little Caesar’s opened for business.

    Granted, some businesses have failed to weather our nation’s economic storm (it’s not just Natomas!). However, many in Park Place and our other neighborhood shopping centers continue to hang in there and want to remain, just ask the owner/operators how things are going and they will tell you!

    The promise of new businesses’ plans to open gives us more hope than despair moving forward.

    Keith’s suggestion to patronize our neighborhood shops and eateries is the kind of thing we like to hear from our readers: positive and proactive.


  6. The Davis location has close as well, and it is no longer listed on their website. So at least it looks like there is a chance that it will be reopened in Natomas.

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