NUSD Reinstates Campus Police At Schools

The Natomas Unified School Board last night voted to reinstate campus police at neighborhood high schools.

During a special meeting of the NUSD board of trustees, the board moved to re-establish the district’s relationship with Sac PD to provide safety resource officers at Inderkum and Natomas high schools.

The safety resource officers contract with Sac PD was axed earlier this year due to budget cuts, leaving Natomas high schools the only in the Sacramento region without a security presence on campus.

Due to budget constraints, Sac PD’s officers will work the equivalent of 80% time at the schools over the entire school year. This model is identical to that used by Sac PD and Sac Unified for campus police coverage.


  1. Thug life being what it is at both high schools, this is a step in the right direction. I have a kid at each school and I know it’s absolutely necessary.

  2. Excellent decision! Won’t stop all the problems but will definitely help. My guess is that teachers and administrators & most of the kids are breathing a sigh of relief. You’d be amazed at what happens even at the 3rd and 4th grade levels. BAS

  3. Thank goodness for the community that pushed for this.

  4. I would like to see a study done on how effective the police are, Inderkum has had a rising crime problem even with the cops present. The little gang punks will still cause upheaval, regardless of the police, I guess they can respond better when they’re sitting in the patrol car from the parking lot. Can anybody comment on different police protection, ie: Paladin or other’s.

  5. I think the key is the police are right there when there is a problem. They know the kids and can head off some problems.

    Perhaps someone who understands the rules better than I do, can comment on all the steps school administration must go through before they can remove kids with behavior problems.

    I understand wanting to help kids through difficult issues and have seen some tremendous turn arounds with parents, VP’s, social workers & teachers working together. I’ve also seen how 1 kid can disrupt a classroom every day for months until med’s start working or they are transferred out. BAS

  6. I say kudos to the school board. They played hard ball with Sac PD and got a better deal. At least now the district isn’t paying for 100% of the cops’ costs even though they were not 100% designated for our schools.

  7. Kuddos to the school board????
    They cut the officers last school year, started this year with no safety plan and only under pressure applied by this blog, the community and parents did they resolve the issue, 3 weeks into this school year.

    That is not acceptable, these are our kids. You must not have a kid at either high school.

    The district did not play hardball and they never even tried to negotiate with the police until after the blogs and community people started raising issues.

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