For A Good Cause: Two Families Need Help

UPDATE: This is unbelievable. I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who got my email and responded via email or phone call. I have about 15 phone messages and about 20 emails from people (some of whom I do not even know) who want to help. In about 20 minutes after my initial email, I had about $300 of gift certificates confirmed. This just speaks volumes of the type of people you all are. Thank you to everyone for spreading the word. Please spread this email to everyone too. Both the families are taken care of and it is just because strangers came together to help. -Amreek

I am currently working with two families who need shoes …the first one is a refuge who has seven (7) children and they just came into the country in July and they have no family here and have almost nothing …I have got a lot of services for them already and am trying to get them some shoes that the children can wear to school.

The second family is currently living in a motel and have no shoes …this parent has three (3) children

Both of these families have almost nothing but are defying all odds by having their children come to Natomas schools on a regular basis …the children and family have been very appreciative of anything and every service that I have provided and I know will be very thankful for the shoes too …

I am looking for Target or Payless Shoes gift cards so that I can just take them with me and buy them shoes that they can use for PE and also wear to school ….any help will be appreciated ….

Thanking all of you in advance takes a village to raise a child and I know that even in this trying economic times, we will come through to help these families who are barely hanging on…..

Amreek Singh
Homeless Services
Natomas Unified School District

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