NTA Rep Statement About Teacher Vote

On Tuesday, the Natomas Teachers’ Association voted 227 to 201 against ratification of a tentative agreement to freeze their pay level for a period of 2 years. This concession would have represented roughly a 5% average loss in earnings per year over the next 2 years.

Teachers who opposed the agreement voiced concerns that a concession of this magnitude didn’t guarantee the rehiring of any laid-off teachers or counselors, offered no guarantees that there would be no lay-offs next year, freezes pay for 2 years instead of 1, offered no language to unfreeze salaries if the economy improves, and finally that NTA’s contribution to balancing the district budget amounted to 80% of the total amount being conceded by all
district employees.

Although the results of the vote are so close and it could appear the membership is split, members are not necessarily divided. Most teachers came back from summer break less than 2 weeks ago and had little time to consider the implications of this tentative agreement. Having the opportunity to explore our options, address concerns and answer questions will likely help us reach consensus.

NTA teachers responding to a recent poll indicated that almost half spend $50-$100 per month to supplement the lack in public funds. Teachers are starting the 09/10 school year with little or no money and supplies for use in their classrooms, so teachers can expect to see out-of-pocket spending increase this year, as they struggle to provide the supplemental materials students need in order to succeed in school. Add to that the $250-$300 loss in monthly earnings this concession would entail, and the actual impact would be significant.
Cynthia Connell
NTA President

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