Kudos: Mead & Hunt Inc. Lends A Hand

On August 5, the Learning Center at Bannon Creek Elementary School received a call from a local engineering firm Mead & Hunt, Inc. They had found the classroom through adoptaclassroom.org and wanted to help a Natomas school after hearing about supply needs through the local media.

Later that same week, the company had a fundraiser for the Learning Center. The next Monday, Mead & Hunt reps brought six large underbed storage containers full of supplies, along with 60 boxes of Kleenex, and 5 backpacks full of paper goods worth approximately $1,000.

“It was an amazing sight to see, knowing how much my students needed supplies as well as my colleagues and their students,” says teachers Lisa Claussen. “My fellow teachers were so excited to be able to get things that they really needed and could use right now.”

Claussen says the best part of the contributions is that four Bannon Creek students have been able to get the new backpacks they needed.

“To see a child with no backpack or sharing a backpack with another sibling, is truly heartbreaking,” she explains. “They are overjoyed to have their own bag to bring to school.”

Richard Harris, Kristen Michaelis (both employees of Mead & Hunt, Inc.), Lisa Claussen (Bannon Creek Learning Center Teacher, & Linda Wilkinson (Principal-Bannon Creek)


  1. Awesome!! Just yesterday I was in a neighborhood association board meeting and we discussed partnering with the PTA of our neighborhood elementary school for a similar drive. (I’m posting anonymously and not identifying the school because it remains to be seen how much we will be able to accomplish — but we will try!)

    Bravo, Mead & Hunt! Thank you for your service to the community!

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