For A Good Cause: Help Twin Rivers Schools

The Natomas Unified School District is not the only one in North Sac being impacted by sweeping budget cuts. The neighboring Twin Rivers Unified School District is also suffering.

On the top of the new district’s wish list: antibacterial gel.

“We know that Swine Flu is expected to hit even harder this fall, so it’s really important we do everything we can to prevent the spread of germs,” explains district spokesperson Trinette Marquis. “A large pump for the school office or a classroom, or smaller bottles for individuals would be great.”

The would also appreciate donations of copy paper, pencils, tissue, gently used children’s books, and other school supplies. Donations can be made directly to individual school sites, or they can be made through the district’s Family and Community Involvement Department which will work to allocate donations to the neediest schools. They can be reached at 566-1788.

“… we (were) throwing a Welcome and Wellness event for our employees to welcome them back to school on August 10th, and we didn’t have a budget to work with when we started,” says Marquis. “We made calls to community and business partners, community groups, etc. and it is really amazing how everyone steps up during tough times.”


  1. just a note…I was at Sams Club last night had they had HUGE pump bottles of antibaterical gel for under $7. They would be PERFECT for right by the door of a classroom.

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