Yum Yum Dim Sum

THE BUZZ noticed this week the Full Moon Seafood Restaurant on Truxel Road recently put up a banner advertising it now serves dim sum on weekends.

Has anyone checked it out yet?


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Brandy,

    What a coincidence. On Saturday we were told that the owners of the King Palace restaurant on Stockton Blvd., a great Dim Sum and Chinese food restaurant, also own this restaurant. So this restaurant is now on our list to try very soon.


  2. Anonymous says

    I tried it last weekend and it was subpar compared to most dim sum places that I have been too. The shui mai was good, but the hai gow and some of the other items were just ok. The dim sum menu is a little bit limited, but if you don’t want the hassle of going to Broadway and taking a number for dim sum then Full Moon will do. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t great. I am curious what other people think.

  3. Anonymous says

    What is dim sum?? What should we be looking out for?

  4. Anonymous says

    Perhaps the selection will increase as the customer base does?

    Dim Sum are generally little steamers of various yummy snacks as shown in the picture. You pay by the steamer at the end of the meal or snack. Some times you order off a menu and sometimes the steamers are brought around to tables on carts for you to select from. People usually have their favorites. It helps to be adventurous when trying new foods. BAS

  5. Anonymous says

    I am Chinese and grew up in SF all my life and am a lover of GREAT dim sum, so I am more than curious to try this out and I will gladly tell you my opinion on this. I am a dim sum snob and so is my husband (who is Caucasian), so we are eager to give this place a try. Stay tuned for our input.

  6. ok. I finally went with my family. Prices aren’t too bad, actually good if I compare it to the more expensive places in the SF/Peninsula area. Adequate variety, but more at other dim sum places. Orders are made by the customer on a piece of paper, so food is made fresh, so there is no lady carting around the items for you to see. W/ this method, I ordered way too much food since I arrived famished. When someone carts around the items, you could view what’s good or not and you could decline when you’re full, but when you’re famished and get this piece of paper, you just want to order everything, then realized it was just too much too late.
    I will be back, since this would save me a trip to the bay area. I haven’t tried any other dim sum places in Sac though.

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