Posting Comments On NatomasBuzz.Com

THE BUZZ likes to think we know what “hot topics” will be of interest to our ever-growing readership.

Last week, we posted a seemingly innocuous item about the city of Sacramento turning to the private sector when faced with budget cuts to own its Parks & Rec services. Someone posted a comment followed by something tongue-in-cheek about another “hot topic” facing Natomas (more later on that) followed by a sarcastic rebuttal followed by a defensive remark followed by…

You get the idea.

All these comments turned into a mini firestorm of sorts which only worsened when a local TV reporter decided there was a story to be had — not in the content of the original post, but in the comments. And, in the end, very little was said that pertained to the original post. We have since disabled the ability to leave more comments.

THE BUZZ was reading North Sac Beat when we came across this blog’s comment policy. We like it! So consider this fair warning comments will be rejected if they:

  • Are abusive, off-topic, or use excessive foul language.
  • Contain racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other slurs.
  • Those posted with the explicit intention of provoking other readers or THE BUZZ.
Please don’t complain that this policy violates your free speech. If you don’t like it, start a blog of your own.


It goes without saying some Natomas-area residents have strong feelings about the Natomas Park HOA’s usage policy of The Club as it pertains to homeowners and renters. We suggest homeowners contact their district delegates and/or HOA board members on this matter.

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