Natomas School District To Evaluate Farrar

The Natomas Unified School District board of trustees will hold a special board meeting this weekend for the sole purpose of evaluating Superintendent Steve Farrar.

The meeting has been set for 3 p.m. on Sunday, August 2 at 6409 Garden Highway. According to the agenda, the evaluation will be discussed in closed session as are all personnel matters.

The agenda indicates, however, that public comment can be made at the beginning of the meeting to the prior to the closed session.


  1. Anonymous says

    Why the odd time and location?


  2. Anonymous says

    Pish. Few years too late isn’t it?

  3. Anonymous says

    In reference to the evaluation, school policies also require board member to perform self evaluations on a yearly basis. The superintendent’s evaluatuion session is posted in order to comply with the Brown Act and allow just the five board members to meet, evaluate, and discuss in closed session without distraction. There will be a report out of closed session that will be captured in the minutes, but reports out of closed session are defined by the Brown Act and are pretty vague. This is an effort to make sure that board is following policies, providing evaluation, feedback and doing their due diligence.

  4. Anonymous says

    One has to wonder… why was the Natomas school district the only one in the region to NOT issue layoff notices in the spring? Could it be because Fararr told the board they could balance the budget without layoffs? Failure to act last spring has resulted in great harm to our teachers, students, and entire academic system.

  5. Anonymous says

    It’s about darn time!

    Curious if he’s taken a pay cut, furlough day(s), or any other type of measure to show his solidarity with the underlings?!?!

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