Heard In Natomas: Community Rallies For School

For KOVR 13 report on this story, click HERE!

From Becky Pryor, secretary at Two Rivers Elementary School:

The transition to the new school year has been as smooth as possible with all the budget upheaval. Kids are very “roll with it” and the parents are very understanding. I think EVERYONE has been touched by the money problems so they are not taking it out on us.

One very heart-warming thing that has happened is the outpouring from community members. Apparently the word has gotten out that we have are experiencing severe budget cuts and copier paper is a major slice. Four different donations of paper, crayons and pencils have come in to our office from people who do not have children attending our school. We also had a grandmother give a teacher a LARGE check for her classroom supplies.

This is on a much smaller scale and certainly not as serious, but it reminds me of the way the nation pulled together after 9/11. We are surrounded by so many good people that are “just there.” It isn’t until they satisfy a need that they are recognized.

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