"Safety With Helmets Night" Is A Success

On May 12, H. Allen Hight school hosted “Safety with Helmets Night.” Over 250 students and their families came out to participate in safety presentations, helmet fittings, food and fun. Over the course of the evening 191 helmets were fitted and given away!

Congratulations to the students at H. Allen Hight for their commitment to safety. The event was co-sponsored by the North Natomas Transportation Management Association, UC Davis Children’s Hospital and Kohl’s Cares for Kids


  1. This is really great!

    I do hope the “fitting” part was really emphasized. So often I see kids wearing helmets but they’re not strapped or not strapped tightly enough (dangling an inch or two below the chin) so that they are essentially wearing “helmet shaped hats” that would probably have little if any benefit in event of a crash! Unsecured helmets fall off before head hits ground!

    A neighbor’s child nearly died years ago falling off a bicycle while visiting family out of town. He was not wearing a helmet. He clinged to life at Children’s Hospital in Oakland for weeks with a swelling brain that nearly killed him. It is nothing short of miraculous that he survived.

    Parents: make sure those “helmet hats” are buckled!

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