Budget Woes Could Hit Natomas Schools Hard

Both districts with schools in Natomas have released budget updates, painting a bleak outlook for the coming year despite best efforts not to cut jobs or increase class student-to-teacher ratios.

Budget news from the State earlier in the week translated into more education cuts for the 2008-09 school year as well as 2009-10, and the failure of education-related measures in yesterday’s election means the cuts will go even deeper.

The Twin Rivers Unified School District reports it has rescinded nearly 100 release notices as a result of several early retirements. The district reports efforts to save money (and more jobs) include canceling and revamping several programs, moving to electronic communications, energy conservation and employee furloughs.

“There is a lot of discussion about our budget this year, and it’s important that everyone is working with accurate information,” reads the Twin River district’s budget e-blast sent out yesterday. “We will try to send out more regular budget updates to address items as they come to our attention, so please email us with the things you’re hearing about our expenses and your ideas for this section.”

While the Natomas Unified School District avoided issuing pink slips earlier this year by cutting $19 million, it appears layoffs may now be unavoidable. Early estimates place the district’s budget shortfall at $3 million — or as many as 60 teaching positions.

“The district is expected to receive about $2.9 million in new federal stimulus funds, but the projected budget gap is still at least $18 million through 2011-12,” reads the Natomas district’s budget e-blast sent out today. “The budget deficit could widen by millions more because of the budget measures not passing in the May 19 special election but those projections are not yet available.”


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