Woman Lies About Abduction Attempt

The previously reported abduction attempt never happened, according to Sacramento police Capt. Daniel Hahn.

Is this false report and one made recently by a 10-year-old the beginning of a trend? Alarming to say the least.


  1. I am very thankful that this horrific crime did not actually take place in our neighborhood as first reported. I am also thankful that our police department worked very diligently on this case, from the moment the call first came into dispatch to the hours that followed, to the excellent detective work, to our neighbors who cooperated with police, without all of which the falsehood of this story might not have been realized.

    My relief now transitions to anger and frustration at the young lady who made up such a horrible story, causing us all to be quite alarmed, for reasons only she can explain. I can only hope that this woman is either given the help she needs or the justice we all deserve — perhaps both.

    Thank you all for paying attention and for caring about our community. It is critical to our collective efforts to preserve and improve quality of life in the Gateway West and Park View neighborhoods. It really does make a difference!

    Your community partner,

    Keith Sharward
    Co-founder and Board Member, Witter Ranch Community AllianceMember, Natomas Crime & Safety Leadership Team
    Volunteer, Natomas Police & Community Resource Center

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