Seen In The Neighborhood

The intersection at New Market and Kokomo, in the Creekside development, is now a four-way stop.


  1. Anonymous says

    There seems to be some construction starting at E Commerce and Greg Thatch. Heard it was zoned commercial. Any one know what type of retail will be allowed?

  2. Anonymous says

    Is that where the ten story office buidling is supposed to be built?

  3. I would hope not. That would be a considerable impact to our traffic on E. Commerce.

  4. Anonymous says

    There is a 10 story office buildings in the plans on East Commerce. Oh and a 3 story parking garage at the end of North Park Drive on East Commerce. Can you imagine the traffic from that and Hight when that is all built?!

  5. East Commerce is huge, pretty sure it was built to be a main street, but that will be a lot of traffic by the big school.

    But I guess we all knew this place was still growing when we moved here, just glad its not more cheap apartments, at least an office will look nice.

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