Where’s The Cheapest Gas In Natomas?

Driving the neighborhood this morning, THE BUZZ noticed gas prices have fallen again but still fluctuate widely depending on where you buy.

Since NATOMAS BUZZ readers really responded to our call for the best neighborhood eateries, let’s continue to Rebel Against The Recession together by sharing the cheapest gas stations in Natomas!

Post your recommendations under “comments” along with prices per gallon please.


  1. Anonymous says

    $2.15/gallon regular at Arco on San Juan & Northgate

    $2.16/gallon regular at Arco on Del Paso Road & Northgate

  2. Suprisingly, the gas station at the airport is usually pretty cheap.

  3. Anonymous says

    Those Arco stations charge you 45 cents extra to use your debit card. Beware.

  4. Anonymous says

    I paid $2.13 at Safeway with my club card

  5. Angelique Ashby says

    Easy – Safeway. Buy your groceries, use your club card get 10 cents off per gallon at the pump….

  6. Safeway beats everyone. Even if you only get the .03 discount, it is always cheaper than Arco, and anywhere else in the area. (plus no fee to use your ATM card)

  7. Anonymous says

    Actually, spend $100 at Bel Air, get a quarter off per gallon of gas. We usually fill our subcompact at Safeway and fill our gas guzzler at Bel Air. Except when we are unusually organized and hit $100 every time – then we fill both cars there, much as we can.

    The Bel Air grocery prices have been significantly cheaper for the things we buy, anyway. (Seems counter-intuitive, but true). OF course we live on the west side so Bel Air is more convenient.

    10 cents off for $50 purchases. You don’t need a card – just the receipt (could be good or bad depending on your preference).

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