1,000 Posts – And Counting!

It’s official:
has surpassed the 1,000-post mark!

A couple months ago, our little website celebrated its first birthday. We meant to write a heartfelt post about why we decided to start NATOMAS BUZZ, how the idea took shape and continued to grow with support from this fantastic community in which we live. But we never got around to writing it.

So today, after 1,000 posts, THE BUZZ would like to thank all our readers who send us tips, information, articles and photos. We truly appreciate your ongoing support. We couldn’t, and we wouldn’t, do it without you!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Can’t wait to read 1001! Trixie

  2. That is quite a goal. I live in Natomas and seem to agree with almost every post I have seen. 1000 plus? WOW maybe I will make it 1001 or 1002. Congratulations BUZZ!

  3. Anonymous says

    Woo-hoo, I love Buzz news! Congrats!!

  4. Congrats! And wow, what a fantastic logo you have !!!! :)

  5. Why yes we do, thanks to Joe Sacramento!

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