NP3 Middle School Information Night Scheduled

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  1. I would NOT recommend this school.. What seems perfect on the outside, ALWAYS has flaws on the inside just remember, Talk is cheap and more students equals to more money…
    Former NP3 Highschool student

  2. Anonymous says

    Well gee…why don’t you provide some facts to back up your statement? I’m sure inquiring minds would like to know. What makes NP3 flawed? Last I heard, they were committed to small class sizes and have a good percentage go on to college. Please share your experience…

  3. Anonymous says

    As a former teacher of many NP3 students, I have to agree with the above student. Many of my students were literally juvenile delinquents, had been in and out of the system. They were at NP3 because nobody else would take them or they had already been expelled from other area schools. Committed to small class sizes does not make you a good school in its own right. This school has pathetic scores in math and science. (6% proficient in Algebra!!- from

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