BUZZ Reader Mail: Una Mas Closes

Despite assurances by management to the contrary last month, the Una Mas eatery on Arena has closed according to a NATOMAS BUZZ reader:

I’m a North Natomas resident and was at the Bel Aire shopping center this morning. There’s a sign on Una Mas’ door saying that they’re open somewhere on P Street downtown. A maintenance man working outside said they were permanently closed. When I went into Mr. Pickles, the clerk behind the counter said that Una Mas closed either late last week or last week-end. It’s very sad but, with this economy, not surprising, unfortunately… Please keep up the good work—I love your blog!!


  1. Deniece Ross-Francom says

    That is unfortunate, the Daphnes in the Raleys center has closed as well, this economy is costing us a lot of good places to eat!

    If you’re hankering for one of their yummy burritos, there are two Una Mas’ in midtown — one on J Street between 19th & 20th and one on P at 28th St.

  2. We are very sorry to see our Una Mas! close. It was very nice having quality fast-casual Mexican food in our neighborhood.

    We wish the owners well in their endeavors and are sorry they weren’t able to weather this storm.

    Folks, let’s all try to make a point of supporting our local eateries whenever possible. If your budget is tight and you aren’t able to eat out more often, then please at least make a point of spending those dining dollars in our neighborhood restaurants.

  3. Anonymous says

    In Una Mas’s case, I think that market was saturated. Tacqueria on Truxel, La Fiesta by Bed Bath and Beyond, Baja Fresh, the little place in the Safeway center…lots of places to get a big burrito. its too bad it closed though.

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